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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice for Sunday, June 2, 2024

Sixteenth century French astrologer Nostradamus predicted the death of Pope Francis this June of 2024. Pope Francis is 87 years old. Nostradamus says that a young Roman Pope will be chosen as successor. This young Roman Pope will “weaken the sea.” Nostradamus almost exactly predicted the date of death of Queen Elizabeth. Time will tell us soon if Nostradamus is right again. Nostradamus also predicts that the current “King of the Isles” will be forced out, and an “unexpected heir with no mark of the king” will take the thrown. King Charles is sick with Cancer, and with Kate Middleton’s strange absence from the media, some believers in the prophecies of Nostradamus think that Prince Harry will unexpectedly take the thrown instead of William. Will the prophecy of Nostradamus come true?

Nostradamus also spoke of three anti-christs: Napoleon and Hitler are believed to be the first two. Is Donald Trump the third anti-christ? Scripture speaks of the anti-christ being manifested by the people of Christ. This indicates that Christians create their own anti-christ. Donald Trump was created by Christians and could not be less like Jesus. Congratulations Christians! The end times are here and you wear the mark of the beast on your forehead: your MAGA hat. Prophecies tend to be self-fulfilling. 

Luckily for the world, the astrological chart of Donald J. Trump shows that his rise in power is over. Disaster after disaster plague his chart according to psychic medium Susan Lynn and Astrologer Lorraine Gibbs (Scorpio Rising). These two internet truth-tellers predict that Supreme Court Judge Samuel Alito is also in a world of hurt. There are so many things to talk about! So many who were once in power are falling. Let’s talk about the astrology of the presidential debate. Modern astrologer Lorraine Gibbs recently studied and made predictions around the upcoming presidential debate: Trump’s Mercury is in very poor aspect to Saturn on the day of the debate, June 27th. If Trump does participate in the debate - he says he will - both his Mercury and his Moon are in terrible positions and in poor aspect to Venus. Women will hate what Trump has to say. No surprise there with his position on taking birth control away. Joe Biden’s Mercury is in a beautiful trine to the Sun and Venus. This supports being able to talk coherently and having something to say that  people want to hear. Mars is in favorable angle to Venus for Biden meaning that both men and women will like what Joe Biden communicates. It’s almost like an Astrologer helped Joe Biden chose the date of the debate. Trump will be a bumbling spectacle unable to communicate. Mercury will be shining to help Joe Biden and casting a shadow over Trump. June 27th we will see these presidential debates on CNN. All astrological signs point to Donald Trump doing very poorly. Nothing in his chart is favorable on this date.   

Uranus is also in an unfavorable position for Trump during the Republican National Convention. He was trying to get his son Baron Trump to be a delegate at the Convention. Melania refused to let Trump use their son this way. The astrological energy at the Republican National Convention supports throwing Trump out of the Republican Party. Will it happen? Astrologically, Trump cannot win the election. Every planet is against him. It’s almost like he knows this. Of course he wanted his son to be a Republican delegate who could vote for him. Somehow he made a relative the chairperson of the RNC. It isn’t going to work according to astrology. The date of the RNC is an astrological disaster for him. 

There is a full moon squaring Uranus during the Democratic National Convention. This supports something shocking happening there as well. Get ready. Disruptive energy is challenging Joe Biden’s Sun and Venus. We expect Joe Biden will have difficulty getting to the convention. It may not be safe for him. There are major disruptive events going on. Something horrific may happen at the Republican National Convention which will affect whether or not the Democratic National Convention can even safely take place. We see unpredictable problems when Uranus is involved. I’m not saying something will happen to Joe Biden, but this convention is not going to go smoothly due to outside influences. It is a rough summer. August 19th is the date. Avoid crowds on this date. Don’t go to this convention if you can avoid it. Bad Energy all around. Cat on a hot tin roof. Tempers are flaring! We see the January 6th trial on the horizon sooner than you think it’s going to happen! It’s an explosive summer.  

Psychic Susan Lynn tells us there is a person on the Trump jury in the election interference case who is being paid by Trump’s team to create a mistrial or hung jury regarding his election interference / hush money trial. This will not happen. The juror will do the right thing. Trump will go down. Currently, Trump is desperate. He will do ANYTHING to throw this case and others. The story about this juror will be exposed and Trump will get further into trouble. Trump’s chart is absolutely horrible right now. It is incredible the way Saturn is relentlessly stressing his Sun and Moon for the next year. Uranus is also in a position to bring him extreme and explosive anger. This is not good for his heart. He will be free on bail and running rampant. He will be doing everything he can to hurt our country and democracy while he is on appeal. Trump wants VIOLENCE. It is going to be a long, hot, dangerous summer if he does not drop dead soon. Pray for him to drop dead if you believe in prayer. It is best for all of us. All signs in Trump’s chart point toward him dropping dead soon. If a human can run on hate alone, that’s what he is running on. The people on both sides will be in the streets this summer. We can burn everything down or we can learn our lessons. Donald Trump is the epitome of Pluto in Capricorn. Donald Trump is corruption, necessary evil, and greed. His very purpose in life was to show us the lessons he has shown us. We are supposed to see how broken our systems are and fix them. We must be more particular about who is in our White House and Supreme Court.  Look what has happened already while we were sleeping at the wheel. Tricksters are necessary to show us lessons. Coyotes are necessary. I hate Donald Trump, but don’t we all hate taking our medicine? These lessons were necessary. Let’s learn them and move on. Let Donald Trump rest. We pray you take him from this Earth, Lord. We have seen the error of our ways. We promise to do better.   

Last week I beat the shit out of you energetically with a meter stick and sent you with an empty back pack to collect your gifts from Jupiter. I know the lessons have been hard and fast lately. I would not beat you mercilessly with a stick if there was time to teach you gently. It is time for you to make use of your gifts from Jupiter and be the best version of yourself you are capable of being. The world does not have time for you to dwell in the past any more. It is time to be present. It is time to take action. You are a soldier in the army of light now. I know you didn’t sign up. You were drafted, but listen, you’ve got a pack full of blessings from Jupiter and we both know you are ready to stand in your truth and fight for what is fair and decent and good. Choose your battles wisely. There will be many.  

Jun  2 – 8:12 pm Jupiter trine Pluto

Jun  3 – 3:36 am Mercury enters Gemini

Jun  6 – 8:37 am New Moon in Gemini

Jun  9 – 12:35 am Mars enters Taurus

On the new moon it is time for you to move forward with a decision. Mars in Taurus makes us patient, determined, and stubborn. You are being called on to protect your relationships and family. You are being called on to create a stable and secure environment. Rise to the task. You absolutely must rise to the task. This is no time to pretend you can avoid participation and things will work out fine. I am sorry you are standing in the front lines. I am sorry it has come to this. It is now or never. It is time for you to boldly be who you are and demand a better life for yourself and those you love. You are not alone. An entire army is standing behind you. The battle cry is heard far and wide. I recommend avoiding large crowds however. Protect what you care about and who you care about by staying close to it. I know you are exhausted. This summer is dry tinder. Stay away if you feel electricity in the energy. The tinder needs only a spark. It is going to be a long, hot, dangerous summer.  

Focus on how you can put out happy vibes. Ground yourself in nature. Be aware you must push back. Swim in calm and beauty. Connect to energy and people that do not trigger you. The Red Hats choose violence. You can choose something else. The Red Hats chose and created this anti-christ, but we can choose a spiritual life that is much bigger, and loving, and requires no anti-Christ at all. We don’t have to follow this anti-christ off a cliff. We can do better.   

Auntie Svetty loves you.

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