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Omigod! I forgot to tell you anything about the astrological transits! It’s been a busy week without an ending!

You probably are feeling a lot of stress and grief. There’s a lot of destabilizing energy going around. On the 13th of Nov we have a new moon in Scorpio and the Sun in opposition to Uranus. It would normally be a good time to finally start manifesting what you want in life, but no: Uranus is like “fuck that, I spark rebellion and spontaneity”. Uranus would like you to speak up for the dignity and liberation of others and it would like you and the world to do that in a chaotic and explosive way. Individual liberation is about ALL THE INDIVIDUALS!!!!! That means when Republicans tell you that Queer and Trans people are the cause of all the worlds problems you say “the fuck they are!” I guarantee if MAGA “Christians”killed me today the world would have all its same problems tomorrow. I’ve got to go. CHAOS!

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