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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice

A conversation with galactic entities from another dimension to help you sleep at night. 

I have to tell you that the following words are fiction for your entertainment only so that I don’t get sued. The following words are all fiction and I have not been talking to Intergalactic Entities. There, I said it. The lawyers are happy. Let’s begin.  

I don’t want you tossing and turning at night worrying about the future. Collective energies from other timelines and realities are here to help us. This is what they’ve been telling psychic mediums around the globe:  

Donald Trump has tertiary syphilis, a degenerative disease. The symptoms include the blisters on his hand as recently photographed. Numbness in his hands and legs is also a symptom. You’ve seen him holding his cup with both hands like a toddler, standing strangely at podiums... the numbness also causes him to not feel the pain associated with blisters on the hand which is why he can forget about it long enough to wave it in the air and allow it to be photographed. See also the recent article by Rolling Stone magazine about rampant abuse of prescription drugs during his term in office.  

Donald Trump is a man who deeply cares about his appearance. Ridiculous as he looks, he spends a great deal of time creating that ferret on his head. He believes that made for tv makeup is necessary and makes him look good. He has never been photographed in anything but expensive suits and occasional appropriate golf wear. Donald Trump would not have waved that blistered hand in the air if he could feel the pain that would have made him remember to conceal it.  

The E. Jean Carroll case is really taking a toll on Don. She is about to be awarded millions for her defamation case and for the pain and suffering he caused her. If you need an update: Donald J. Trump, former president of the United States, was convicted by a jury of sexually assaulting E. Jean Carroll and then defaming her, and ruining her reputation. After winning her case once, he continued to defame her, and Carroll, now eighty years old, took him on in court a second time to SHUT HIM UP. How much money will it take? A jury is deciding as I write this. I hope she bankrupts him.   

The Carroll case and the case regarding his business fraud in New York and the classified documents case, and the case by Jack Smith about the January 6th insurrection are all choking the orange mobster in a way he cannot keep up with. His health is deteriorating quickly. Prepare to see very curated viewings of Trump beginning now.   Trump drags one leg behind himself like a monster but this is carefully concealed by his team. You will see him surrounded by secret service or family to hide his deterioration. This won’t do the trick because he can’t shut his mouth. By June of 2024 it will be undeniable that Donald J. Trump is not mentally or physically competent enough to run for office.  


Astrologically Trump was born during an eclipse and he will be taken out on an eclipse. On April 8, 2024 a total solar eclipse will cross North America passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada. I join many other psychics and astrologers in believing and hoping that Trump will suffer a major stroke during the eclipse.   Major cognitive decline will follow.  Family and staff will do everything they can to prop Trump up and hide the effects of the stroke, but will be unable to deny his vegetable like state by June as it progresses. 

Psychic medium Susan Lynn predicts Trump’s family will put his body on display in the Mall of America. For $25 per person those who wish to pay respects to the former president or tap on the glass to make sure he’s really dead or maybe in a coma,  can travel to the mid west and say their goodbyes. Many of us pray for Susan’s vision to play out. Many psychics are also predicting that the former president will not cross over. We are not certain if this means he will remain in a vegetative state long term or that he will be dead but unwilling to accept it: a ghost if you will.   

Many who claim to see this future, myself included, believe that Trump is so obsessed with the Obamas that once he realizes he is a ghost, he will be determined to get to Michelle and Barack’s house to harass them in the afterlife. Ghosts with heavy soul debts to pay cannot fly so the ghost of Donald Trump will have to walk.  Certainly Melania is not going to give him a ride.  He will have to walk to an event of Joe Biden’s that he suspects the Obama’s will be at to try to attach himself to them. Trump will have to walk and walk and walk and walk. He will not be free of burdens and pains the way you think a ghost would be. Trump’s soul is not like your soul or my soul. He has a lot to pay for. Think of the children in cages he so gleefully separated from their parents. The Obamas are safe by the way. The ascended masters would never allow them to suffer the ghost of Trump in their home. The Obamas are loved.  

I had told you in a previous post that Pluto is now at home in Aquarius traveling alongside the sun. The sun shall bring light to all things in the shadows of the underworld as ruled by Pluto. Justice is coming. Justice is finally here. There is nowhere to hide as the sun shines it light on Pluto. All the villains we have been putting up with will feel the hammer of justice coming down on them.   Justice is coming for Gym Jordan. Justice is coming for Marjorie Taylor Greene. Justice is coming for Judge Cannon. Justice is coming for Justice Clarence Thomas and his bitch wife Ginni. Justice! Sweet, delicious JUSTICE!!!! 

Now I am in the camp of psychics who believe that Donald Trump will be in a vegetative state, not dead after his stroke on the eclipse. I completely believe and hope for the vision of him in a glass casket at the Mall of America. Why not? Say what you will about Old Joe Biden, he wants to unify the country again and you will be surprised how carefully he handles the death/vegetative state of Donald Trump and the grief a portion of the nation will be feeling for their beloved leader. The children of Donald Trump will be desperately grifting to scrounge up whatever they can by putting their father’s body on display for a charge wherever they can display it. Viscous fights will ensue over whatever money is left. There likely isn’t any. Melania and Barron will flee to Europe and never be seen or heard from again. She has plenty of connections and her own money. One does not mess with Melania Trump and she does not care for or want America’s sympathy. Don Jr will make a presidential run in 2028. It will be absolutely laughable and sad and did I already say sad? No one is interested and it is clear that Don Jr. is a drug addict. Finally we can stop talking about the Trumps. 

Eric Trump will take most of the fall for the fraud committed by the Trump organization in New York. He will be ruined. Ivanka and Jarred may squeak by. There simply is not a republican political candidate in October. Trump is either dead or a vegetable. His cult is not interested in voting for other options and emotionally they are not yet recovered enough to move on. The galactic entities are telling us that Trump’s spirit guide has always been a parole officer from a previous dimension where he was just as much trouble. Trump was breaking laws and rules even in other dimensions while he was here. He certainly was not allowed by that dimension to rise to power as he did here. They are very sorry they allowed his soul to descend here and that we were subjected to his unusual malicious charisma.  

This nightmare, the intergalactic beings tell us, is over. Now, although time is not real, it is important for you to understand that only the present can be affected in real time right now. It is okay to hope and to pray for Donald J. Trump to receive the karma he deserves on this timeline we are living in as I have described it to you. It is even helpful. Be sure to wish him only what he has coming. As above, so below. May Trump’s karma find him on the Eclipse. Let justice be served. So mote it be.   

If you find it distasteful to wish for his demise yourself, it’s okay if you don’t. The future isn’t etched in stone, but what is supposed to happen will be, indeed. Now, the intergalactic entities and I would like to state that the world’s problems are not over just because the Serpent Trump is resting in a vegetative state at the Mall of America. Tune in next week. There is so much more work to do. I cannot promise that I will continue to be shown such dramatic revelations, but I will ride this wave while I can.   

Auntie Svetty loves you and hopes you sleep better knowing what’s in store for your enemies. Blessed be!

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