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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice: Aquarius New Moon

For years you’ve been told that humans, including yourself, use only ten percent of our brains. Prepare for that to change. We are evolving. The skills and talents and extra senses that you didn’t know how to use are coming online. You’re going to learn how to use that other ninety percent of your brain. We all are. Some of us faster than others, depending on our ability to accept new things.

It’s going to be amazing. Don’t be scared. You chose this. You signed this soul contract. You have a soul path and the world is very very very very very fucked up right now. We need you and your new incredible skills to help put things right. There’s nothing to worry about. You are capable of never-before-imagined feats. You have psychic abilities that have been dormant. It is all coming online. You might feel like you’re crazy. You’re not. You might say, “I don’t want this.” Too bad. You’re going to start having “knowings." You’re going to hear people thinking. You’re going to feel things and your feelings are all going to come true. Pay attention to how you talk. Pay attention to your dreams. When dreams are real like you were there, that’s not a dream, that’s a vision. It can be disconcerting to have a dream about someone crossing or having an accident, but this is why you need to get clued into some kind of community. Our brains are advancing. They have to. Do you realize how much information you’ve been downloading? Even if all you’re doing is death scrolling on social media. You are absorbing. You are receiving raw data. Your 3D mind is making sense of it all until it can’t anymore. If it’s your soul path to do this work you’re going to find yourself doing it. I’m not just talking about you. It’s happening in various ways to all of us, but yes, also to you!

Suddenly, you’re drawn to crystals or tarot or something you didn’t believe in before? We are all trying to make sense of the unique new gifts we are sensing in ourselves and seeing in others. Maybe suddenly you will remember your past lives. Maybe suddenly you will know what strangers are thinking about at the grocery store. Maybe suddenly you will realize there are other shoppers at the grocery store who can hear what you’re thinking about. Now what do you do? Find a community to help you make sense of it. See how you feel. Pay attention to what stimulates you. Not all of it is good. Find what’s right for you. Trust. We are all different, but we are all evolving. You might be drawn to all of it, and that’s okay, and it might really scare another person: that’s also okay. As our brains begin to become more useful and we begin to come more fully online, it’s going to be little different for all of us. You will have to find which modality is right for you. It will take some experimenting and getting it wrong first.

Soon, once there are more and more of us using our intuition and new gifts than there are those not using their newfound telepathy and psychic skills, nobody is going to think it’s strange for you to say that you’re reading minds. Many of us are going to say, “yes, we are all reading minds, Brenda.” You will find your way. Keep a journal if it helps. Share what happens. Don’t discard the information. You know the truth. You feel it in your body. Trust your gifts. They’re coming. They’re coming. They’re coming, and they’re going to keep coming. You might be able to talk to dead people soon. You might understand suddenly that death of the body is not death of the spirit at all. You are not going to doubt yourself. You are not going to doubt yourself any more. You are going to be gentle and integrate these new skills into your life. Trust but verify. When you have a feeling, act on it.

Some of you will block the energy, block the downloads, block the gifts. You’ll get the message eventually. There will be many messages. There will be a knocking on the door, then there will be a rattling of the door, then the door will be ripped from its hinges. What fears must you stare down as you are this awakening experience? We are all having blockages but also moving through them. How long will you pretend no one is knocking at the door? Will you pretend no one is there when the door is shaking? Will you finally acknowledge that it’s time to step through the door when its ripped off its hinges?

Let’s talk about the astrology of it as if you still need someone to do that for you: There are about 6 crazy transits happening as I write this. It took me 36 hours today to send an email with an attachment because I am a sensitive bell and my bell would not/could not quit ringing. The truth is washing over us. You won’t find it on your phone. You can’t google it, but you can feel truth in the air. You don’t need me or anyone to tell you what the truth is. Look for the truth in outward sources and you’ll find so much propaganda these days. Sit quietly and listen for the truth inside yourself and it will pour over you. You have a seminal mind. It is happening. You are clairvoyant. Your brain is turning that skill back online. You are telepathic. It’s going to be an adjustment. You aren’t going to need you phone soon. That same amount of information is going to be accessible without a device. You just need to connect to the earth again to plug in. How you will do this will be revealed to you.

There is an Aquarius New Moon on February 9th, 2024. Surprising developments will be taking place. Electric energy abounds. A new start is coming in based on Aquarius themes: what do you have your mind set on? What do you want? You need to have a strength of self. How does your energy affect others? The new moon brings back something internally for you that uniquely calls to you. This is the first new moon with Pluto now in Aquarius. Pluto destroys at first. Pluto will force you to look something in the eye. The Year of the Wood Dragon is also starting. What are you ready to demolish that is not part of your future self energy? What can not travel with you into these new experiences? Pluto changing signs is a big deal. There’s a big initiation energy here. This is the only Aquarius New Moon of the Year. Pluto will return to Capricorn briefly in September. You will be shown erratically what stays and what goes, but you will revisit these decisions when Pluto retrogrades into Capricorn this Fall. The influence is now. The decision is this fall. Pluto then reenters Aquarius for two decades.

Uranus is square to the Sun after the ninth. If you’ve taken on too much you are going to be feeling it. You are going to want to be set free. Workplaces and groups and offices are going to break up. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarian energies. In Taurus, Uranus will bring change to your finances. We are encouraged not to rely on others. See what you have outgrown. You are meant to grow through challenges and find something more finely tuned with your energies. Uranus is trying to set you free. Cut the energetic strings. Your higher consciousness is trying to get through to you. Be present. Listen. This is a terrible time to abuse drugs because it blocks your ability to hear correctly. If you are trying to push away the changes coming the Universe is providing a jump start and it isn’t going to let you ignore this. Things are changing, like it or not. Trust. Have Faith. Your mind wants to see and understand. Mercury is strong in Aquarius. You will tap into new viewpoints and see the bigger picture. Mercury is your mindset. Mercury is square to Jupiter which makes everything amplified. If you’ve been feeling worried, you’re going to feel more worried and vice/versa. Stay off the internet if it’s no good for you. If you’re thinking about doing something, you’re going to be obsessed with it. Aquarius is future focused. Taurus is practical. You’ve got to make this change. Jupiter is in a sextile until March of this year. It’s happening. Pick quality over quantity. It’s your life and you have free will. Make a decision. There is a Venus/Mars conjunction February 22nd - 24th. Long term changes are happening. Did something came up just days before the new moon on the ninth which was a delightful surprise? Did an elder give you advice just before the 9th? Listen to it.

We are ascending and growing. This is not a personal horoscope. This is happening for all of us. More Aquarian energies are coming in for all of us. A virgo full moon in Aquarius is coming the end of February. Follow your future self’s guidance. Time isn’t real but your physical life in a body doesn’t last forever. Chiron is conjunct the north node in Aries Feb 19th. This energy is already in play because it is sextile the sun and the moon. This energy is asking you to be more your own person in the world. A new chapter is opening up for all of us. You can handle it. This is a very rare conjunction. New Moon in Aquarius says “trust your next dream.” Our frequency is changing. All of humanity’s frequency is changing. It’s time to look at the parts of yourself that you have pushed away and reincorporate them. Love yourself in a new way, even the parts of yourself that you abandoned. Fully own it. Love it. Accept it.

This is really good energy for the next two weeks. A lot is opening up. The North node is ruled by Mars. Mars is conjunct Pluto exact on the 13th. This energy is volatile, and explosive. There’s rage. Then, there’s healing. This Aquarius New Moon is a really big portal. This is life changing energy if you want to tap into it. It’s entirely up to you and at the same time we are all in this together. Embrace the new. Ready or not the Aquarius New Moon is here.

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