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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice for 1/28 through...

Disclosure of the Intervention

The human consciousness is expanding whether or not you like it. Your consciousness is expanding whether or not you want it to. We are evolving.

January 25th was the first Full Moon of 2024 and it happened in Leo. The Sun is traveling through Aquarius and it is traveling alongside Pluto which is also traveling in Aquarius. Pluto’s orbit is very elliptical and irregular. Pluto has been in Capricorn the last fifteen years. Pluto will be in Aquarius from January 20, 2024 through September 1, 2024. Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn on September 1st until November 19th, 2024. Pluto, the Lord of the UnderWorld, will remain in Aquarius until March 8, 2043 and never to return to Capricorn again in our lifetimes. Really big changes are coming fast. 

The Sun is absolutely hyperactive right now due to solar flares where such activity was not previously occurring. The energy released from the solar flares is unleashing energetic new consciousness that we are downloading and absorbing. We are a rudimentary species in comparison to other lifeforms in the universe. We do not understand time, we are not yet capable of telepathy, we do not understand our bodies, we do not have use of our immense capabilities. Our lives are about to change quickly. Think how different your life is now than it was in 2008. Be prepared for immense changes to happen between now and April. Our lives are going to change in the next three months as much as they changed in the sixteen years from 2008-2024. Hold onto your ass.

Our Earth is not resonating currently at an acceptable rate. Other entities are here to bring it into acceptable bounds. Other species are here being part of our intervention and have been since the 1980’s. Let’s not pretend that astronauts, military officials, and even ex-presidents haven’t tried to tell you that there is absolute proof of aliens that has been documented over decades. Quit denying what you know in your body to be the truth. The astrology is particularly favorable for other entities to intervene for us at this time. The violence on this planet and between humans is unacceptable and causes the planet to wobble in a way that causes disturbances elsewhere. The disturbances elsewhere are unacceptable. The neighbors have finally come to knock on our door and tell us the party is too loud here on planet Earth.

The Earth is fully capable of taking care of itself. We are lucky the neighbors are here to help us. Without intervention the Earth would herd humans to smaller and smaller inhabitable pockets on the globe and cleanse itself of us. The entities helping us are not emotional about this. They do not judge us. They do what is necessary to get the planet resonating again at an acceptable rate that does not disturb other species and timelines. Without their intervention we would not be able to continue living here. The Earth would take care of itself. Be grateful for the intervention. It is a blessing.

There are people on this planet who are not people at all. They are part of the intervention. There is nothing to fear. You will feel and know what is happening.   You will not see what is happening, but you will know and you will feel the changes. You will be part of the change if you are ready. Our free will as a species has always been honored by those coming to help us as much as possible. They stopped honoring our free will when we discovered atomic weapons. They are intervening again now because of the immense violence humans are committing against each other. Sacred knowledge is being downloaded to those who will be responsible with it.  Humans who can handle it will quickly have expanded knowledge, abilities, and consciousness. This could be you. This knowledge is given in a way that does not distract the recipient. The recipient will believe they had an idea themselves. This has happened before. Expect huge advances in medicine and peace-keeping by April. Average citizens will be gifted information. They will believe that it came from themselves. Praise the ascended masters! We are saved. No need to sign up for any cult or sit on a church pew. We are special and loved enough. We have a unique place. Our unique existence will be honored and allowed to continue.

Prepare to get in touch with our interconnectedness. Your heart is expanding its ability to love. A new solar cycle has begun. Humans are at a crisis point. This intervention and this disclosure of sacred knowledge is meant to bring humans together under a common cause. You will learn you can trust other humans and that it is in your best interest to honor other humans and love each other for being human. Life has become too transient in this timeline. Our disrespect for each other and our disrespect for life has upset the balance. The other entities wish to help us ascend for our own benefit. They do not intervene except when they have to. They have to. We have collectively screwed things up to the point that we are incapable of fixing things ourselves. The intervention comes with love. Prepare for a sense of well-being to be downloaded to you. Others will have a different vibrational response. The entities cannot predict how we all will react. They do know that humans are a violent, war-like species. The entities want the highest and best good for all energy forms. They will only help as much as necessary, but we need a lot of help right now.


Our collective conscious is expanding due to hyperactive solar flares. This Earth is a galactic Disneyland on steroids that many entities are waiting to experience. We are lucky to be here right now at this time and place. January is a powerful time. The North node is in Aries. The South node is in Libra. Mars, Mercury, and Venus are in Capricorn. Humans are not the apex. We are a gnat on the back of a horse’s ass. Try to look at things from a detached perspective. Grow into your true potential. Leave behind what you overcompensated for to keep the peace. Approach conversations in a respectful way. Psychic knowing is coming your way. Your consciousness is expanding. Neutral entities are here to help. Always align yourself with light. It is a powerful progressive time. Instructions to you will be downloaded if you are ready. There is no reason to be afraid. Call all your power back to you. Stop disassociating. Get back in your body and get ready to accept the download. Everything you use your phone for will soon enough be available to you via telepathy. Our cell phones have been a crutch we will be able to leave behind.   

My Mother is an Aquarius and I am a Leo. Having the Sun in Aquarius during a full moon in Leo is like returning to the womb and preparing to be reborn for me. I am not completely sure if these words come from me or another dimension. As a fire sign spiraling through the water bearer being chased by Hades I am just doing my best to keep my flame from being washed out while I attempt to stay on the path and avoid the Lord of the UnderWorld. If it feels right to follow my advice, do it. You still have free will. I will accept the download and urge you to do the same.


Auntie Svetty loves you and hopes you can make sense of all this. Hang on tight. Trust. It’s going to be okay. It’s already happening. It’s already happened. Time isn’t real. You’ve already experienced this and it went just fine. Prepare to accept the download. The intervention is done with love. There is nothing to fear.  

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