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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice for 11/05 - 11/12

Wi-Fi uses radio waves to transmit information between your device and a router via frequencies. The difference between WiFi and traditional AM/FM radio and TV broadcasts is that Wi-Fi communicates digitally, as discrete values, instead of continuous signals. Is this an electromagnetic ray? A microwave? Or an x-ray? I don’t know. It’s all magic to me! What an incredible thing this Aquarian Age we are living in is! You and I, anyone for that matter, can snatch whatever data, music, stories, and pictures we want by just plucking them from the air waves around us! I don’t even understand how this magic works and it works for me regardless! This is INCREDIBLE and convenient. Without taking the time to practice, without having actual experience, without the benefit of study, every human with this magic of the age can look like an expert or at least seem mildly educated on any matter almost instantly! Why not give everyone on earth a platform to amplify their voice equally! We will never know who the experts are! Let’s give EVERYONE access to just enough information to be dangerous regarding ANY subject. Let them ALL shout their inexperienced opinions across the air-waves! Magic for Everyone!

Long ago, when our society burned the witches we devalued the crone. I invite you to ask yourself if you are getting the information you value from experts or simply from an unknown source on the internet. Can you tell an old crone from someone regurgitating information and paraphrasing it? Where in your life must you demand to know if the information you are consuming came from experts? Is an old crone available to help? Can you see the value of her experience and wisdom?

On November 5th we have the last quarter moon in Leo. Creative projects need to be finished. On the 6th of November the moon enters Virgo. Venus is also in Virgo and trine to Pluto in Capricorn. We lovingly tend to the details of our creative projects emotionally as we say goodbye to the old guard and watch it crumble. It’s okay to feel joy instead of dread. Old systems are supposed to pass. Old crones are supposed to die, reverently of natural causes and not on pyres, but goodbye all the same!

We can simultaneously be sad that one thing is ending as we also look forward to what is to come. The internet used to be a virginal thing waiting for us to spoil her. If the internet was an innocent girl in the days of dial up and America On-line, what kind of woman has she become? Did we xpect her to stay pure for us? Are we angry at her now for being strapped down in bondage, sprouting a thousand orifices that are now filled with every sized cock and sex-toy imaginable?!?! Look at her nasty gnarled breasts once plump and delightful! Look what we have done to her! Look what she has done to us! When a woman isn’t a Madonna, she is a beast!

Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 10th. This helps us have an easier time seeing the big picture. Mercury represents communication. Mercury himself is a messenger with winged heels. Mercury is square to Saturn in Pisces this Nov 10th. Saturn represents discipline and Pisces is a dream-like watery place where imagination thrives. This leaves us struggling to dedicate ourselves to a path. When celestial bodies square off we tend to see both sides of things. I invite you to reflect on what that big picture is. Where did we go wrong? Gobbling up data should never have replaced actual experts, but we created this reality ourselves hundreds of years after burning old women we feared as witches. Why did we do it? Why do we keep doing it? What is the big picture we need to address? What do we do now with this beast in the room? Howling as she does and scratching at her bits and parts, should we light her on fire again?

Is 5G dangerous? Should we put on tin foil hats? I barely understand the magic of airwaves and wi-fi so I’m really not qualified to tell you. What I do know is that if I leave the front door of my home wide open it is as likely to invite my best friend to come inside without knocking as it to welcome rats and pests and murderers. Is the influence of the internet rushing wide open into your life? If I give her some clothes and some water to drink will she stop masturbating and screaming in my living room? I am no expert on this web of intrigue you call the internet. I just know a monster when I see one!

I would like to encourage the world to bring back experts. I encourage you to become an expert on something and when you speak on the subject assert your expertise. I encourage you to demand to know where information comes from. Did it come from an expert? When you do not know something, admit that you do not know and remain silent. Enough pests have flown in the open door of our home. Perhaps if fools are silent an expert will speak up and identify themself. Be your own screen to the open door. Remember to have a screen on your door. Find a way to close the door when you can. The house is full of rats and pests and murderers because the front door has been wide open way too long. It’s time to demand expertise once again and to know the source of the information we consume. Propaganda is everywhere. So many pests are already in the house! Find the experts. Demand expertise. Shut the door. The house is full of rats and murderers! The house is full of rats and murderers! What the hell are we going to do with this screaming naked monster in our homes! My god she is everywhere! More of her smelly tentacles tip toe by the welcome mat and help themselves inside. I don’t notice because I’m so busy making love to her. Help me! Help! Oh how her pelvis thrusts propaganda and lies! The people love it!!!! They love it!

Auntie Svetty loves you. Now shut the damn door!

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