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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice for 11/11 - 11/18

Does it feel like things are changing? I believe the times are changing. We need to talk more about the eclipse that just happened. Not enough has been said.

Did you find it strange we had two eclipses within a short span of time? You should have. You weren’t just not noticing frequent Eclipses before: this exact set of eclipses occurs in a cycle every 18 years. The last time we had a full moon in Taurus eclipsing the sun in Scorpio it was 2005. Can you even remember the year 2005 ?

Eclipses affect our energy for 6-9 months so it’s worth another conversation. Taurus energy represents the surface of things and Scorpio energy represents the unknown depths. Taurus and Scorpio are Astrological opposites. The Bull and the Snake are the above and the below: the beginning and the end / life and death.

In addition to the United States having the 250 year return of Pluto, this eighteen year cycle of eclipses has occurred. Pluto is leaving Capricorn which represents the Devil in tarot. Taurus represents food and abundance and things that grow on the surface. Scorpio is death and the unknown. Pluto, is it even a planet? Pluto symbolizes rebirth. What are we rebirthing as a collective ? The abundance of the surface is not reaching everyone. Both Taurus and Scorpio are ruled by Mars, the planet of war. Space is violent. Humans can be violent but also compassionate, loving, protective.

You don’t need astrology to tell you that old systems don’t work and they are crumbling all around us. We are living it. Israel vs Palestine! Ukraine vs Russia! Republican vs Democrat! Man vs Woman! How long can we live in conflict instead of harmony? How much longer can we live letting resources be hoarded by just a few while the masses go without? How long can the US Government be run by clowns representing the NRA? How many more children need to die before we decide to take our world back?

If the screaming signs and transits and eclipses of Astrology don’t ring your bell perhaps the Old Testament does? The war in Israel is a terrible sign! It is easy to see that governments let people die like pawns in a chess game. Jimmy Carter said it best “We will never learn to live in peace by murdering each other’s children”.

The Old Testament speaks of those who will pretend to live by god’s word while committing atrocities under HIS name. This is happening in the Middle East and in The States.

Revelations says that the anti christ will rise up through politics. I thought it was Trump but it might be Mike Johnson. Perhaps the anti-Christ is a many-headed beast. There is a lot of corruption in both parties but it’s the GOP that claims to lead by God. Leviticus 19:33-34 says “immigrants should get citizen rights regardless of immigration status.” This is not the border policy of the US or Israel. I am not trying to make a statement about the complicated situation there. I am merely stating the obvious: war is not the work of God. Both sides are unholy.

Are you, like I am, tired of watching the corruption and propaganda? I am tired of being the scapegoat of evil for this current unchristian Republican Party pretending to do the Lord’s work as they attack marginalized groups to distract the masses as they hoard resources and do the bidding of big business.

We recently opened a wonderful Jesus-themed art show open at AFRU Gallery. Jesus is for everyone if you want him and you ABSOLUTELY do not have to want him. It’s just fine to not believe in whatever doesn’t feel like the truth. Romans 2:1 states that Christians should spend no time judging others. To truly follow the words of Christ try letting others just be.

Auntie Svetty loves you and requests your letters and inquiries. This is, after all, an advice column. If you need my help and advice, please write to me at: Please put “Help me Svetty” in the subject line so I can rescue it from spam. You are not alone in these troubling times. Bye bye!

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