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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice for 11/19 - 11/25

Prepare yourself for a thunderstorm of epiphanies! It’s a Mars cazimi in Scorpio! What the hell is a cazimi, you ask? Does it come with cheese? It does not.

A cazimi is a conjunction of a planet and the sun. Venus cazimi occurs every 9 months and cazimi in Mercury takes place six to seven times per year. Mars takes two earth years to orbit the Sun, but Mars cazimi in Scorpio occurs in an alternating pattern of 15 years, then 32 years, then 15 years, then 32 years again. This is because of imperfect orbits and the changing distance of Earth to the Sun as well as Earth’s changing distance to the constellation of Scorpio.

It’s better to think of space as imperfect warbling ovals than perfect circles. Mars cazimi in Scorpio is special because Scorpio is the home sign of the warrior planet Mars. Here. Mars has a special dignity. It is time for Mars to slow burn and strategize patiently like a Scorpion waiting for the perfect moment to strike, Mars plots its course for the next two years and so should you. Following the new moon in Scorpio after eclipse season there is no better time for us to flow rather than resist cycles of regeneration. It is time to rebuild from the rubble of systems that have failed us.

Anger is part of the Mars expression, but Scorpio is a fixed stabilizing energy providing soul security. Mars is the embodiment of action. Scorpio is deep and strategic emotional empowerment. Where is your anger best directed? Can you channel your anger in a way that will uplift the collective? It is time to steam about those who have wronged us while we rejuvenate ourselves at home. It is time to build our army and plot our revenge.

Blessed be the sun as we plot our revenge because it is central in our conjunction and purifying our intentions so they are not futile. We will not leave home unprepared. We will leave home rejuvenated for the battle ahead. The last time a Mars cazimi occurred in Scorpio was Nov 8th, 1991. The KGB ceased operations. There was a war in Kuwait and a 42 country coalition called the Gulf War led by the US.

This Nov 17th, 2023 Mars is trine to Neptune during the Mars cazimi. Neptune helps us be imaginative and see truths bigger than ourselves. When Pluto finished its 250 year journey through Capricorn it revealed the shadow side of our culture of supremacy. Burn your paper calendar. The real cosmic new year began after the new moon in Scorpio following the end of eclipse season. It’s time to clarify what you want to fight for. Get curious. Tune in. The Cosmos speaks its truth in many tongues. The signs are all around. We are preparing for the next 200 years of action.

Take responsibility for your choices. Scorpio is deep intimacy shared with others. Give and receive. Cleanse and purge. Create and recreate abundance. Learn to receive. Past life connections and soul connections are powerful right now. We chose the people who are a catalyst in this life in our previous lives. Rest. Rejuvenate. Plan and scheme. There is no better time than the present.

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