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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice for 12/17 - 12/23

Today is Dec 17th, 2023 and Mercury has gone retrograde. It’s time to reconsider and reevaluate if our lives are going in the right direction. Retrograde means that Mercury appears to be moving backwards across the horizon. This means that Mercury revisits previous transits we experienced recently and we reconsider our choices as the energy repeats itself. Mercury reenters the transit we were experiencing on Dec 7th. I was suggesting you have sex with the neighbors at this time and with your coworkers if your spouse wasn’t available. This is going to shock you: it is time to reconsider if you should have done that. Should you be running your life by thinking from between your legs? I no longer think you should. Should you be following my advice literally every time or making decisions for yourself? It’s time to reconsider whose advice you follow. Should the blinds really ever be closed or should you be on constant display for the neighbors? Listen, I can only tell you what the stars are doing. Don’t blame me if you followed my advice. Venus is square to Uranus this week. You need to check if your choices reflect your values.

Sun conjunction to Mercury is a powerful transit occurring Dec 22nd. Your sense of self and your ideas about yourself may show you that others do not perceive you the way you think they do. Be willing to be open-minded and curious. Refine your understanding of the world and adapt to the ever-changing relationships around you. It’s important to be flexible. Go with the flow. What else can you do?

I have a show on Dec 22nd at AFRU Gallery. My advice: come to the show! On this piece of advice you should definitely do as I suggest. For more information on my show, click this link!

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