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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice for Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Full Moon in Scorpio is here. April 23rd is the Pink Moon of Scorpio. It’s time to face our Scorpionic secrets. Expect intensity. Pluto is square to the full moon. You will be out of your comfort zone. It is not that you are being punished, it is that it is time to face your demons. Scorpio is fixed energy, yet it also represents transformation. Scorpio deals with the eighth house of death and deep psychological work. It is time to get to the bottom of things. You are as fully charged as your spirit can get following the Lunar Eclipse in March and the Full Solar Eclipse in April. The full moon in Scorpio demands you take action.   

Passion, attention, sexuality… Mars is in Pisces and bringing deep dedication and devotion to your spiritual practice and also allowing you to enjoy surrendering so you can let go of what you do not need. You cannot live any longer with only illusions of what is real, nor can you escape this energy. It is time to take action and change. Mars and Neptune want you to have a new understanding of death and loss. You may not be on board. Death itself is not the problem. Where does your fear of death come from? Who taught you this? Do you trust your own intuition? Can you be intimate with yourself? Be focused on who you are and not on what you must do.  

Things look really good for everyone after April 29th, but sorry… it’s time to dig deep now and feel before your heart lightens, or it isn’t going to. It’s time to feel your feelings. There is no escaping it. You cannot remove the traumas you have experienced, so you must integrate the wounds they left. Mars is in the twelfth house of subconscious fears and ancestral anxieties. Being a human being is complex, yet our needs are simple. There are always two polarities and even the polarities have polarities. It is time to seek balance for your soul. Day and night are not separate of each other. They are parts of the same day. Light and darkness within our souls create a whole person. Who are you? It is not what you do. It is your shadow self and your light self. Integrate. Stop avoiding. 

Obsession, power, manipulation, desire to control…………. These are themes of Scorpio. Go into the heart of darkness and transform. Self empowerment begins when you let go. Jupiter and Uranus are in exact conjunction. Earthquakes within ourselves and the world around us are revealing and rebirthing. Uranus is unpredictable. Things are awakening and expanding. At best, this is sudden abundance. At worst, sudden disaster. You have been born many times. You have died just as many. Transcend your fear of death. Something must die or there is no growth. It is time for you to stop being afraid and grow.  

It is time to meditate. Find time for yourself to be free from all distractions and the business of the mind. This full moon demands inner work. Touch the trees and the water. Feel your body. Feel your soul inside your body. The remedy to our pain can be through beauty, art, aesthetics, but these can also be a trap. The remedy is finding what makes you feel safe, but not getting stuck there. Get out of your comfort zone and put your conscious effort into transforming traumas into insights. Your pain can be made into a remedy if you open your inner vision while experiencing centerdness. Scorpio is about power. Do you know your own? Scorpio can sting. Control the desire to sting others and learn. Look into your wound. Learn and grow. 

Auntie Svetty reminds you that life is a Botticelli Painting after April 29th for almost a whole month. Until then, we self-reflect on transforming our pain into personal growth. I don’t make the rules. I just report on the heavens. Headaches, night sweats, fever, itching, and body aches will be strong during this full moon. Accept the pain, let it transform you. It is not comfortable to shed one’s skin. This full moon demands you shed your skin. Get to work. Enjoy the pain.  

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