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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice for Sunday, June 16, 2024

Jun 19 – 6:07 pm: Vesta enters Leo

Jun 20 – 4:51 pm: Sun enters Cancer

Jun 21 – 9:08 pm: Full Moon in Capricorn

It’s time to inspire others with your charisma and passion, so get to it! The asteroid Vesta has entered the majestic sign of Leo. The hearts of performers beat strong at this time. The shine of your stardom is blinding. The people absolutely adore you! The asteroid Vesta represents your commitment to yourself outside of the responsibilities you have at home. This is your life and you are absolutely in charge of living it. Stand in purpose and make this life about the things that light your soul on fire.  

On June 20th the Sun enters Cancer. If you are a Cancer, 2024 is a really great year to be in business for yourself, or if you have a business: expect big successes! You will be especially lucky this year if you work in the government sector! You wise crabs slide right into the places you need to be. We are having a revolution but some of us have very clear roles and are looked upon to guide us. Thank you Cancers, we appreciate you.  

On June 21st the moon is full in Capricorn. I wrote last week about this being the Strawberry Moon. This full moon can bring positive outcomes to those trying to make career changes. If you’re feeling burnt out though, take some time to rest. There is a great balancing energy taking place at this time. Can you feel it? Some might even refer to it as Karmageddon! That’s right:   Karmageddon! It’s nothing to fear if you’ve been kind and merciful to those around you, but if you’ve had it a long time coming then this moon might be a BIG bright red slap in the face. Capricorn is a practical sign. It also represents the devil in tarot. Capricorn is a magical goat with a mermaid tail. When the moon is full in Capricorn, expect the unexpected, but also expect what’s coming to be practical: like a magical goat with a mermaid tail.  

I have for some time been predicting June 20th, 2024 as a date that convicted felon Donald J. Trump will experience a major health event and possibly pass from this world or experience a loss of consciousness and go into a vegetable-like state. I write this post June 1, 2024 in advance of that date. On the Full Moon we purge. We complete things. We bring our projects to completion. Say it with me: We purge thee, Donald Trump, from this earth. Your time here is complete. We purge your soul from this dimension. We physically remove you and your ideas. Goodbye. You are finished. We have no more use for you at this time. Your time here is complete.  We purge thee, Donald Trump, from this earth. Your time here is complete. We purge your soul from this dimension. You may not return. You are not remembered. We purge thee, Donald Trump. Your time here is done. You are finished. Goodbye. We purge thee, Donald Trump………. If you want to say the words while visualizing squeezing his heart with your fist or digging your fingernails into the frontal lobe of his brain, it is okay to do this. His time here is done. If you see him as black smoke whisk him away with a great wind from your hands. May the winds carry away his impact. Let the winds carry away his ideas. Donald Trump is dead and finished and not of this world any more. Send him away. He is not welcome here. He is not welcome in our thoughts. He is not welcome in this dimension. We do not remember him. Send him without honor. His time is done.    

It is okay to pray for the world to be rid of villains. A great wind rises up from your hands. The black smoke of his spirit is blown far far away and it is not welcome back. Send him away. His time is finished. Goodbye Donald Trump. Goodbye.     

Keep up the good work. If he dies, it was totally YOU!!!!

Auntie Svetty loves you. I believe in your witchcraft! Keep it up!  

PS: It’s Father’s Day. Mine died eight years ago. He was a lovely man. Happy Father’s Day to everyone except Don Jr, Eric, Baron, Tiffany, and Ivanka. May your father drop dead painfully and may his soul be sucked out of this dimension and never heard from again. So be it. Let Donald Trump end and be forgotten. His time is done.    

I know you think this is a lot. I promise you I’ve only ever wished one person dead before and it worked. Please! It’s Father’s Day! For the Fathers! Keep it up.

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