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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice for Sunday, June 9, 2024

Jun  9 – 12:35 am Mars enters Taurus

Jun 14 – 1:18 am First Quarter Moon

Jun 17 – 2:20 am Venus enters Cancer

Jun 17 – 5:07 am Mercury enters Cancer

Let’s talk about June and let’s talk about time travel. At least one of these things is real. It is currently May 23rd, 2024 and I am cooking dinner. I type away at my little round dining table waiting for the feast in the oven and on the stovetop. The nice thing about this feast is that I am absolutely broke. There is enough money in the bank to pay the rent and not one dime more. The fridge was full of food though and so I decided to cook EVERYTHING. Sweet and sour chicken, roasted potatoes, and cheese raviolis are all on their way. Sometimes we aren’t rich in exactly what we consider “riches” but we are often rich in something that doesn’t require much of a harder look to identify. Maybe you are rich in peace within your heart? Maybe you are rich in people that are willing to help you? Maybe you are rich in creativity or opportunities? News Flash: Money isn’t real. It is just bits of paper society assigned a voluntary belief about. Food in your stomach is real. Shelter is real. People who love you are real. It’s awfully silly to call yourself “poor” when your cup is running over with the necessities you actually need to survive. It’s also awfully silly to say that time travel isn’t real. If birth and death are real and we can pray to our ancestors, then time travel is as real as our ability to connect with the past or future through our dreams, prayers, or even our waking intentions. Be who and where you want to be when you want to be there. You’re truly in control of your own reality if you believe yourself to be. In my opinion, dreams are much more real than this ridiculous internet we are all so invested in. (The internet is not real at all!!!!!) 

Gratitude is so important. Telling ourselves we are grateful for what we have is important and powerful magic. When Mars enters Taurus on June 9th it is time to appreciate that which we enjoy with our senses. Art, food, the earth… sensual pleasure, these are the sensory delights that make life worth living. Money is a myth, but children without it starve to death. Take a look around and be thankful for the riches around you. Be grateful for your health if you have it, and if not, be grateful for what’s left of it. It is time to build security around ourselves. It also time to share with those we love, and to gather those close to us that we feel the need to protect.   Listen to your intuition. If it’s telling you to stay home, stay home. There is beauty at this time, but there is also danger.   

On June 14th we have the first quarter moon. We are on our way to the Full Strawberry Moon later this month on the 22nd. This will be a Solstice Full Moon and therefore the last full moon of spring or the first Full Moon of summer. Both things are true! The Native American Algonquian tribes and the Ojibwe, Dakota, and Lakota peoples nick-named this full moon the “strawberry moon” because it marks when the “June-bearing” strawberries are ready to be gathered. The Haida term “Berries Ripen Moon” reflects this as well. Many delicious things are ripe and sweet and ready at this time.  Many horrors of the world are also ready and ripe and falling off their vines at this time. It is a difficult time to be alive. Take some time to thank the earth for its bounty. Take some time to ask forgiveness for the sins of your ancestors on the land. Great human beings of infinite wisdom lived on this land and were slaughtered. Most of us alive today are descended from those that did the slaughtering. We are disconnected from the land and its magic by the genocide of the indigenous people. Pray for connection and forgiveness. Pray for peace and a return to the magic and the knowledge that Mother Gaia wants to share with those who seek it in humble reverence. The veil continues to be thin around us. It has been stretched so far it is about to snap. Pay attention to the messages you are being sent at this time. Be worthy of the love of Mother Earth. Be worthy of the love you bestow upon yourself and be worthy of receiving the love that is pouring down upon you energetically from those who are of this world now as well as those loving you from the other side. Spread love in every way you can at this time.    

Venus and Mercury will enter Cancer on June 17th. Venus in Cancer provides grace in communication skills. It is a good time to pursue a promotion or upshift in your career. Mercury will make communications down-to-earth and caring. The week leading up to this week was fraught with astrology that brought anxiety and difficult lessons. You may have felt out of your mind, body, or both. This week will be easier, softer. We can all take a deep breath. Remember to tell people you love them. They need to hear it.   

I love you. Take really good care of yourself. Keep safe and spread love.

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