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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice for Sunday, March 17th, 2024

Is your life in balance? That is about to be tested. Those who practice Evolutionary Astrology believe that your natal chart, a snapchat of the cosmos at first breath, contains insights that speak to our spiritual nature, inner psyche, and our core values. This moment in time is an insightful foretelling of your soul’s destiny. Why did your soul return to the material realm to live on Earth again? Have you lived on earth before or is this your first time on this planet?

Karma from your previous lives is believed to be rewarded by a favorable placement of planets and stars in your natal chart, but you also got to choose this moment from the other side, unless you lost all rights to that decision in previous lives due to bad karma.

The symbol of Pisces is a fish swimming in two different directions. Multiple things can be true at the same time. Pisces ask us to trust our intuition more than our thought process. You can be rewarded by choice you earned in your previous lifetime by your karma, regardless, you may have chosen to experience certain hardships yourself so that your soul would have experiences and lessons you knew you needed, during the time you knew everything before you were born. Some call this time the bardo: the time in-between.

To explain lunar nodes, I’m borrowing these words from the Yoga Journal: “Like destiny itself, the lunar nodes are not tangible objects. The north node and south node are mathematical points in space. As the Earth orbits the Sun, the Moon orbits the Earth. Where the Moon’s path intercepts the ecliptic, or the apparent path of the Sun, are the lunar nodes. Together, the lunar nodes create one axis with the two nodes as endpoints - the north node on one end and the south node on the other. The north node represents the direction we are heading. The south node represents where we are coming from - the root of your journey before your life began.”

Your North and South node if charted specifically, are a reflection of where the mathematical points in space are now, compared to the day you first took a breath. This is different than the current North and South node. A truly accurate horoscope for you would use your birth chart information to locate where your current North and South node are now. There are apps that do this math now. I am not smart enough to hand calculate this. Ancient people were. It was common practice to use an astrolabe, an instrument which served as a physical model of visible heavenly bodies so you could track your destiny in the sky by hand. Not being able to see the stars leaves us unable to track our own destinies as written in the skies. We have to trust computers these days. I do not.

It’s important right now to reflect on this because the age of Pisces is officially over when Pluto (after some in and outs this Fall 2024 due to its irregular orbit) remains in Aquarius for the rest of our lives (250 ish years). Imagine the zodiac as pie shapes extending infinitely. The fish symbol of Pisces was also adopted by the Christian religion. Ever wonder why the fish symbolizes Christian philosophy? One reason is that Christians believe we are born flawed- a Piscean concept as well. We are born as sinners. Something is wrong with us from the moment we are born. That age is over. That idea was necessary to our spiritual growth as humans for a time. That time is over. As late stage capitalism crumbles, those with power in religious communities are making a last ditch effort to cling to the power that religious ideology held over masses. People trusting their intuition no longer believe this concept in a way that continues to let religious leaders hold power over them. Those who can’t let go want to force their religion on you and take over the government. They can feel it too.

Many can feel that this idea is slipping away; that things are changing. Free-thinking people opening up to the Aquarian Age were born with North and South nodes that were destined to show them that this idea is a falsehood. You were not born with something “wrong with you” but you are forever a soul in progress: earning and also choosing what comes next. You are two fish swimming in opposite directions, but you are one soul.

Do you see now how amazing our current astrological moment is? Our Sun is currently passing through Pisces, the twelfth house of the Zodiac representing our Ancestors. The last new moon before a new astrological year begins on the Equinox (March 21st) takes place in Libra on March 10th: The New Worm Moon. (Shout out to the Dune Movie! ) The New Astrological Cycle that we used to track ourselves with an astrolabe begins in Aries, the god of war. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra takes place March 25th. Libra represents balance. Are you feeling it? I’m not so sure you are. If you are it is because you work very hard to bring balance into your personal life: the world is not in balance, but you are being asked to take part in getting it there. Good luck: Uranus is also passing through Libra and plans to test you with unpredictable upsets and sudden changes. Is that bad? No. It’s meant to be. It’s never bad. If your relationships both personal and working are in a good place, they’ll be tested and survive. If your relationships both personal and working are in a bad place, they’ll be tested unexpectedly and fall apart. Either way - you’ll find yourself afterwards to be living a more balanced existence. It’s time to reevaluate your relationships and goals. This is true for ALL OF US as the spring equinox helps us start anew on March 21st with the sun in the 1st House and Aries after the Equinox. This is no ordinary astrological moment in time!

Uranus is in a hard angle to the eclipse. Venus rules Libra and is a planet of harmony. Venus is sextile to Jupiter. Jupiter expands things: This is a powerful Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Libra with A Full Solar Eclipse occurring 17 days into the New Astrological Year.

Don’t make important life changing decisions between the eclipses. You don’t have all the information for two weeks. Things are hidden. The energies are unstable. Everything is in flux. April 8th brings a Full Solar Eclipse in Aries! This is the first Solar Eclipse since Pluto entered Aquarius. Do you see how significant these eclipses are? This is an unusual number of eclipses at this significant time. Coincidence or destiny: those born on an eclipse have a strange way of dying on eclipses. Go ahead. Use that computer if you don’t have an astrolabe. Donald Trump was born on an eclipse. Pluto reenters Capricorn due to its irregular orbit for the very last time in our lifetimes. Guess what day it returns to Aquarius forever: Joe Biden’s birthday. You tell me who is going to win the election.

April 1- April 25th, Mercury is in retrograde. Decision making Mercury is slowing down. Aries is asserting fiery energies: the world is feeling impatient and restless. Reevaluate your goals. If you’re going to quit your job or divorce your partner or make major life changes do it between March 17th and the 25th. You’ll want to make big changes, but won’t have all the information to make a good decision March 25th - April 25th…….. calm your tits………. Sit on it. If you can’t do it now, don’t do it until you have all the information.

That’s all I’ve got! Auntie Svetty loves you and prays daily for the eclipse to take out Trump, the Christians to lose all their power, and for Capitalism to finish crumbling. Let’s go Age of Aquarius! A humanitarian time is just past the bend, but there’s a lot to process and fix before we reach Utopia. Predicted stroke or death for Donald Trump: April 8th, 2024. Predicted Death or Presidential win (or both) for Joe Biden November 21st, 2024. Stay tuned! Plenty of confusion coming at you fast!

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