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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice for Sunday, March 24th, 2024

The Spring Equinox is the Astrological New Year. I’d wish you “Happy Astrological New Year,” but reality is going to be a bit more complicated than “happy.” The Sun is in Aries. The last new moon on March 10th is called “the Worm Moon.” It was in Pisces. Shout out to the second Dune movie! Did they do that on purpose? The Sun conjunct Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28 day cycle. Are you feeling a fresh burst of energy and initiative? This New Moon brings emotional balance, not irrationally emotional, but not too cold and calculating either. This New Moon Energy has an affect on us that lasts through the Full Solar Eclipse on April 8th. March 10th through the March 25th Lunar Eclipse is the best time to start new projects. Projects started between these dates are likely to grow legs and take off!   

I feel like I’m reporting this astrological weather a bit late for you… hopefully you already started whatever new shit you want to be doing. I know I did! I’ve even gone so far as to take a 6 month leave from one of my day jobs. It seems I have regular theatrical work at least through the middle of the summer with no sign it will slow down, and it’s coming from multiple sources. A new project I started with Portland’s Premier Drag Clown: Carla Rossi has every astrological advantage a new project could hope for. Jupiter’s placement in my natal chart is expanding my success. I am grateful.   

Here we are again at the start of the astrological cycle. The Year begins anew in Aries and the first house. Aries is aggressive assertive, masculine energy. Conflict is likely with Mars square Uranus. This fresh astrological cycle likely starts in a balanced, pleasure-seeking state that will be disturbed or irritated by a problem that MUST BE SOLVED. Mars square Uranus means the trouble is sudden and unexpected change. We are all feeling an urge to break free from restriction. We crave independence. We are highly charged. Find a creative outlet for this energy or it can lead you (or nations) to reckless acts of violence. Violence by men against women and feminine energy is on the rise, but the Divine Feminine is also on the rise! She too feels the urgency that the problem MUST BE SOLVED. The Divine Feminine, are you even familiar? Many are not. She has been suppressed successfully for so long throughout history that many don’t even know her. They wrongfully think she should be suppressed in the world and in themselves.   She has allowed it, because loving mother that she can be, she has been concerned with what’s best for the masses instead of herself, just as loving mother’s put their children before themselves.  

What a brilliant idea it was for men, and only men, when powerful white men took power in the church and politics and left out women. Convince society that God is white and male and two-thousand years later people can hardly register how successfully brainwashed they are to believe that God is a white man with a beard in the sky. He has no wife. He divinely impregnated a young woman once whose husband never touched her until her death. The Virgin Birth! This long communicated message tells us that God has no female partner ruling with him from the sky. God doesn’t need a woman. Women are not needed by God. Earth woman’s job is to agree to have God’s baby. Keep yourself pure for God, the God of white-skin. Women should be honored to have WHITE God’s baby. If God is white-skinned and doesn’t need women, then white men are more like God than brown skinned men, and woman’s only purpose is to bring life into the world that looks as close to God as possible. If Mary was a Virgin but did her duty to bring God’s son into the world then women should be like Mary, and give their bodies to (white) men. Brown-skinned men do not look like God. That means they must be “less than.” God did not ever bother to have a daughter. Why would God bother to have a daughter? 1600-ish years after the Christian Bible was written, the believers of this doctrine were burning women at the stake, they were participating in the Crusades,  using this narrative to justify slavery, using this narrative to colonize countries, take over governments, commit genocide. DON’T TALK ABOUT RELIGION OR POLITICS! Just accept it. You were born a sinner and you will only go to Heaven if you please the WHITE MALE GOD. This same energy is alive and well today as WHITE MEN use it to justify taking away reproductive rights  in 2024. The attacks happening now, political and violent are a continuation of those who deliberately twist the teachings of Jesus Christ. These are not the teachings of Jesus. These are the violently forced wrongful interpretations of a once very popular spiritual guide. The Beautitudes are the only actual words of Jesus. Those who would tell you Jesus is a white man who endorses this violence DO NOT KNOW JESUS.   

The Piscean Age is officially over when Pluto visits Capricorn briefly in September 2024 and reenters Aquarius for the next 250 years on November 21st. Drumroll please……….. The reentry happens to be on Joe Biden’s birthday. This is called “Pluto going direct in Aquarius.” It was Piscean energy that led us to believe that God is white and we are born flawed and that it was okay to enslave brown people or kill them, and that it was okay to devalue women, possess them and dismiss them, and burn them as witches; that energy is over November 21st. No longer is that energy oppressing us. That energy is dissipating, and it will continue to dissipate. Eclipse season is upon us. Eclipse Season is about hidden things being revealed. A lunar eclipse will bring balance before the Sun Enters Aries. A Full Solar Eclipse in Aries the God of War occurs April 8th. Donald Trump recently publicly announced that if he doesn’t win the presidency we can expect bloodshed. What will the eclipses expose? Donal Trump was born on a Full Solar Eclipse. This Full Solar Eclipse will certainly affect him. It will reveal his secrets. Expect more indictments, and I think: a major heart attack or stroke.   Poor dumb fellow just can’t take the stress of all these lawsuits. He knows he has broken the law repeatedly. Justice is coming. There will be one hundred psychic arrows shot at him. Most will miss, but he will be taken down.  

Energetically, it’s important to remember that the people hanging on to old Piscean-Age philosophies are the same people who lost in politics and wouldn’t concede because they are sore losers. To care about a democracy, one must care about what is good for the majority. The reason democrats are sometimes ineffective leaders is because they are uncomfortable standing in that power and making decisions that affect everyone. They are actually concerned with making a majority of people happy. That is a big responsibility. It is also impossible to make all people happy. We don’t call MAGA the “Fuck Your Feelings” crowd for nothing. They literally don’t care if you get anything you want. They want to hang on to power. Ever try to convince seven of your friends which bar you should go to next on a night of debauchery together? Then you understand why democrats have been ineffective leaders. They want everyone to enjoy the choice that is made and for everyone to get along. No easy task.   

Voting is like taking the bus. The bus is not going to go exactly where you want it to go. Vote for the bus that gets you closest to where you want to be. Please consider voting for the bus going North even if you want the bus to take you North and West and it’s only going North. The MAGA bus is going South and East. That bus is determined to head South and East forever. The angry gang that wants to commandeer the bus have no plans of turning around for you. They do not care where you want to go. They have been raised to believe that pleasing you is beneath them. It doesn’t matter what you want. They see that there are more people who want to go North and West than want to go South and East. They do not care at all where you want to go. They don’t care what the majority wants.    They are never turning the bus around if they get the wheel. They will burn you alive just like they did the women they convinced themselves were witches. They will enslave you again because your skin is brown.  


There is no stopping time. Pluto, the planet of death and transformation enters Aquarius forever on November 21st. The Divine Feminine is Rising, but slowly. There will be violence and turmoil as the last energies of the Piscean Age fall away. The fish swimming in opposite directions have burst apart into the sky. We are reflecting on the choices of our ancestors that are not honorable. So many cycles are starting anew. This is the freshest start of our lifetime. It’s going to be a wild year! Pluto is the planet of death and transformation. Be Kind to each other and yourself.  

Auntie Svetty loves you!

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