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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice for Sunday, May 5, 2024

Independent journalist Sarah Cammarata recently had the pleasure of interviewing former President Jimmy Carter for Politico on the legitimacy of Trump’s 2016 election. Jimmy Carter said, “I think a full investigation would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election, and he was put into office because the Russians interfered on his behalf.” If Jimmy Carter says so, it’s good enough for me, Mueller investigation be damned. These days though, we must check our sources. What do current and already crossed-over psychics think of the legitimacy of the 2016 election? I consulted Susan Lynn Psychic Medium on YouTube and also Teresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium. Neither directly answered my telepathy, so I pulled out my Ouija board and rang renowned, but crossed-over psychic Sylvia Browne. “Jimmy is right,” said Sylvia. “I would go with Jimmy. Goodbye.” When asked if any boys like me, Sylvia said “no.”  

May  6 – 7:48 am – Saturn semi-square Pluto

May  7 – 11:22 pm – New Moon in Taurus

May 15 – 1:36 am – Ceres Retrograde

May 15 – 7:48 am – First Quarter Moon

May 15 – 1:05 pm – Mercury enters Taurus

May 16 – 1:32 pm – Pallas Rx enters Scorpio

How will we ever know if Russians interfered with the 2016 election to benefit Trump, and what does it mean that Saturn is semi-square Pluto on May 6th? One nice thing to reflect on is that Americans will vote for a woman to be president. Whether or not you believe Sylvia Browne, and I would think that at least one boy somewhere likes me; Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 2016. Americans will vote for a woman president! They already did! Even if you like Mueller and trust the Mueller investigation, do we know anything about Mueller being a feminist? We do not. Personally, I only trust individuals who identify as “feminists.” Sorry, Mueller, I do not believe your giant report. Let me check with Sylvia Browne…………. She is “busy.” Perhaps she is shopping for a reincarnation. Come back Sylvia! We need you! We can’t trust the men! Sylvia says “Goodbye.” Deep Sigh. I guess we can’t count on Sylvia anymore. The after-life must be really busy for her. Back to Astrology! 

Saturn is our strict teacher who is able to ruthlessly examine our maturity. Saturn is also the archetype of the sage who uses pain as a means to get our attention. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. Pluto brings the end of all things. Pluto is Judgment Day and gives rise to obsessions. Pluto brings healing and transformation. Now if you don’t already understand this, I am reporting to you on the astrological weather, not your damn horoscope. This is the energy affecting all of us. The Uranus-Jupiter conjunction continues to influence us. Unexpected things are happening to our world leaders. There will be sex and money at stake, but children, property and status will also be involved: The Ouija is going wild pointing out “coincidences” if you don’t believe the door you just walked head first into. The Epstein list, the Trump Trial on election-interference, the children of Gaza being murdered by Netanyahu, the truth continues to come to light brought on by the energy of the Lunar Eclipse and Full Solar Eclipse we experienced. I would hate to have secrets and be in power right now because those secrets are all coming into the light. The complaints of the world have to be resolved. If not in a court, then through God Almighty, who, by the way, is a hermaphrodite, not some bearded grandpa in the sky. Sylvia just told me so on the Ouija so you know its fact. There’s a real problem with people not knowing fact from propaganda. When Sylvia Browne tells you on the ouija, it is fact. Now you know.  

 The greatest lie we were ever asked to swallow was that God is Grandpa in the sky and created woman from Adam’s rib. Life springs from a womb, Silly Rabbit. Tricks are for Christianity! Back to the Astrological Weather we are experiencing: There’s a New Moon in Taurus coming May 7th at 11:22 pm. Venus is also in Taurus. Famous astrologer Lady Cazimi says if eclipse season was vegetables, Venus in Taurus is desert. A pile up of planets in Taurus greases the wheels for living well. Venus, the patron planet of artists is in top form. May is like an orgasm on an orgasm while you’re having an orgasm. Sylvia says, “I miss orgasms.” Ceres, goddess of the harvest, goes retrograde May 14- Aug 26, 2024. This 3 month journey into the past asks us to reflect on how we can best be stewards of our physical world. In the words of Melania Trump, “Be best.” Our collective reflection on where we went wrong will begin mid May, a month prior to Trump’s health collapse coming sometime between June 15th and June 20th. I have seen the future and unfortunately, Melania will be slipping away unscathed. She and Baron will escape to Europe with her new husband. Good for her. Was she a Russian spy all along? Sylvia won’t answer. I think there’s a big story boiling under the surface. Melania is lucky that she is underestimated and no one is investigating her. I smell sex trafficking.  

A retrograde is a return to the past. It can be a retrieval. Ceres asks us to take back our physical world. Who is currently in possession of that world? The most disgusting billionaires and politicians hold our world hostage. The have-nots will be demanding material stability. People will be in the streets by mid summer. Revolution is coming. Mercury is in Taurus mid May. We all want some luxury in our lives. We see that every human has equal worth, but is not equally valued within our economic system. Money is a lie. If we are going to “eat the rich” do we start with Bezos or Musk? I’d rather starve than eat Trump. He looks like he tastes disgusting, and very chewy. Imagine the diarrhea you’re going to have; like eating McDonald’s that’s already been digested and warmed back up. No.   

The asteroid Pallas enters Scorpio mid May 2024 and doesn’t go direct until July 9, 2024. Pallas allows us to see hidden patterns. We see that Putin divided Americans and that Trump has been doing his bidding since before 2016. We see that the idea of nations and nationalism has been a lie for some time. It’s groups of oligarchs manipulating profit and pulling the chains of the uneducated. There are those who grift at the expense of others, and there are those who are grifted. Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Netanyahu are forces of evil. Their last gasps on earth are coming. No effort on our part is actually required. Power is switching hands. Americans see that we were fooled. We see that we were abused. We see that the teams at the top are not the teams we had believed we were divided into. American exceptionalism is a lie. We see that we were played against each other. Donald Trump has been found guilty by two separate juries of sexual assault. He has been found guilty of fraud, falsification of records, lying under oath, money-laundering, tax-fraud, and more. The Supreme Court bends over backwards to accommodate his sentencing in this ridiculous immunity hearing. Our current system is a disgrace. Is this the government you are willing to pay your taxes to? When will you be in the streets? How much longer can you say, “oh. I’m not really into politics” and continue to do nothing. This is the Earth we live on. These are the systems that govern us. This is the corruption that rots the very air we breathe. People are dying. Genocide takes place every day. Children die every day. When will you rise and demand change?  

This blog, its predictions, and its allegations are for entertainment purposes only, but would it really hurt to stock up on pitch forks and torches? I think not. Auntie Svetty loves you unless you’re Donald Trump, in which case she is squeezing the frontal lobe of your brain energetically and screaming in tongues. I hate to be wrong. Listen, this blog is spiced with just enough humor to help you not take me seriously, but what is happening is happening. When will you take that seriously? What are you going to do? How will you be a good steward of the land and our future?   

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