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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice for the End of 2023 / Beginning of 2024!

Let’s talk about the astrological weather at the end of the year 2023. This isn’t the year to bother going to a party to celebrate the New Year, especially if you don’t feel like it. Mars went square to Neptune on the 28th of December. This is an exhausting transit. This transit is an invitation to self isolate and you would be in alignment with the energies to give yourself time for it. The Hermit knows himself deeply. Do you? It’s okay to self-isolate as a way to provide self care. We are supposed to do it. It’s okay to need it. You may or may not be afraid of it. Mercury is retrograde until January 1st. Retrograde is a time to reflect, reconsider, and reevaluate. What does that mean to you? Why wouldn’t we reflect on our lives at the end of the year? Finding a party you don’t want to be at may or may not be a distraction you’d enjoy. The Universe is asking you to deal with yourself so that you’re emotionally intelligent enough to be part of a big shift in how we, as humankind choose to care for the Universe. Venus goes square to Saturn on January 1st. This is yet another anti-social transit. The astrological weather is sending existential loneliness. You don’t have to take it personally. If you’ve been reaching out to friends it’s likely with the hope that they’ll come over and provide distraction for you. This helps us avoid the emotional work we are being asked to do. The energy is not sexy. It is anxiety-producing, isolating energy. Seriously, stay home. It’s a terrible time to do recreational drugs. You are already drained. It is time to recharge yourself. Isolation is best. It is time for all of us to de-stigmatize being alone. It’s actually your responsibility sometimes to be alone with your feelings. Heroes need soliloquies. So do you. To grow emotionally, we must, as heroes, face ourselves and work on our emotional growth. The current energies ask us to do that in isolation.

You can fight this energy or you can tap into this energy. It’s certainly easy to find plenty of distractions to prevent starting your emotional growth journey. Movies, drugs, friends... you name it. This is not easy work. Don’t cool people go to parties on NYE? Aren’t you still a cool people? Some of us may be more or less sensitive than others to the astrological weather. Astrology doesn’t rule your life. You rule your life, but let’s talk transits together so you understand why I suggest dealing with your emotions instead of your friends this New Year, or at the very least giving in to making time to rest and reflect on your emotions in solitude before you go out.

Have you noticed that people have been singing about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius for years now? How many events is it? Well, we don’t plunge into New Ages in Astrology by jumping off the high dive, we do it one planet at a time. Pluto, the outermost significant celestial rock of our solar system, is finally entering Aquarius on January 20th, 2024. Pluto governs death and Aquarius the Airwaves. Like no other time in history the airwaves are full of information we can just pluck out of the sky around us. Everyone has a pocket computer and what death have we all been watching on social media together, but the genocide of the Palestinian People by the government of Israel. Please note that governments are different than people. I do not pretend to fully understand this conflict. I am not taking a political position here. I am merely stating the planet of death is entering forward-thinking Aquarius. We should not ignore that this has taken an emotional toll on all of us to watch this. Few of us are spared exposure to this tragic energy of death. With our current technology, it has been easier than ever to watch children die on our phones, the news, the airwaves. The Universe is absolutely asking us to look at this world we have created together. Pluto marks the end of an Age. Death drags itself into Aquarius. Pluto and its friends in the Keiper belt have finally arrived. The collective instinct for survival is stronger than ever. The ability to see the world accurately is easier than ever. Propaganda reigns down on us all to prevent us from seeing or looking at something else.

It is okay to feel your feelings. You are worthy of love. It isn’t always easy to deal with feelings. We are not the emotions we are having. We are human beings having emotions. Making time to have your feelings is healthier than stuffing them down, but we could also be having more emotions than we care to deal with all at once. Here’s a suggested ritual and all you need is a freezer. A witch I deeply respect taught me this: write down the name of a person or situation bringing you overwhelming or negative feelings. Put that paper in a plastic bag and then into the freezer. Ask the freezer to hold those feelings for a few days so you don’t have to. When you’re ready to deal with them again, they’ll be there. While the freezer is hanging on to the feelings that have you feel overwhelmed, explore the feelings that are left. Can you manage the emotions that remain now that those others are put away? One step at a time. Feel your feelings. Evolve.

Auntie Svetty loves you and believes in you. Have a New Year that’s Happy if that’s what you’re actually feeling. You’re not a game show host. You’re a person. Feel the way you’re actually feeling and take good, good care of yourself.

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