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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice - Full Moon In Virgo February 24, 2024

Hello Friends!

Get ready for some very productive full moon in Virgo energy coming at you starting February 24th. The Sun is in Pisces during this full moon, which is the polar opposite of Virgo. You may be experiencing increased emotions and heightened energy. There may be dramatic beginnings and endings to various corners of your life as Virgo and Piscean themes comes to light. Whatever is happening, we are ready to get to work.

I like to keep these astrological forecasts about the astrological weather affecting all of us as opposed to individual horoscopes. Virgo is the priestess, a witch, a nurse, and a midwife. Virgo energy is about the healing energy of womanhood, of motherhood, of all the details that feminine energies look after in the world. The Virgo Virgin is often depicted with a faceless expression, but inside she is burning with chaos and mess. She does not show her pain. Virgo takes responsibility for her never-ending chores without complaint. This does not mean that the work is not taxing. This full moon asks you now to take care of your body and the material changes occurring on planet earth so you can continue with your duties. It is time to slow down and find your center. Be discerning with your time and efforts. Virgo will give you the strength to accept your duties, but you must first tend to yourself, both body and mind.

Who is tending to your mental garden? Is it even you? What voices do you let into your head that may not serve a beneficial purpose? Who and what are you letting into your body? It is time to consider and reconsider our bodies and diet, our habits and routines, as well as our rituals. Are we intoxicating ourselves with poison to escape our duties? If so, there is no better time than now to cleanse our bodies and minds. Pisces is a meditative energy and Virgo is the energy of practice. What is your spiritual practice? Is it time to start one? The energy swirling about us is the energy of doing and of being. Can you reset your own system through kindness, forgiveness, and compassion for yourself? If you can and I can, can every single human on earth do the same? If we all can, can we reset the systems of the world? Can we reset the world through kindness? Can our efforts to love ourselves better spill into loving the whole world better through kindness to others?

Virgo energy strongly strives for perfection, but Pisces energy yearns to escape from anxiety. Pisces energy can tempt us to escape into day-dreams or addiction. Perhaps we see that perfection isn’t possible. There is no way to be a perfect woman, a perfect virgin, a perfect human. Accept that. Do not swallow the pill, swallow the pain. Virgo governs our human digestion. Virgo is shamanic energy. Virgo will do the work that needs to be done. The Mother of the World feeds her children and puts their needs before her own. You are being asked to do the same. We must together swallow the pain of the horrors of this world: the genocide in the Congo and in Gaza and the horrors of our political and capitalistic systems. We must care for ourselves and our children despite this horrible pain. We must care for ourselves so that we can give ourselves to others and to the world. This is our duty. We shall, like Virgo, do it without complaint.

We must not allow ourselves at this time to be tempted by the Piscean energy leading us toward escape. It is time to do the work. It is time to approach our self care like the loving priestess does. If you want our children and our planet to live then it is time to do the work. We may not know what our part is yet. We start by not looking away. The children must be fed. The genocide must end. Swallow the pain, not the pill. Keep moving.

Auntie Svetty loves you and is working hard herself on comical projects and theatrical nonsense to try to bring some fun into the world. Your time and attention is precious. Be sure you are bringing joy, creating joy, and bringing things into your life that inspire joy. Take care of your mental health, but do it through work that brings joy. We must keep working at small changes we can sustain as individuals and as a collective. Better care of ourselves is better care of the world around us. It is a place to start. Focus on what you can do to bring joy and light into the world. You are needed. Embrace the work. It is time to roll up our sleeves.

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