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Auntie Svetty’s Astrological and Life Advice - Full Solar Eclipse Coming April 8th

Our worldwide economy is currently failing many more humans than it is helping. Why should we be afraid to watch it collapse? We know it isn’t working. People are starving. Billionaires quietly control governments run by mob bosses who look like smiling politicians while hidden figures profit from genocide. Revolution is around the corner. Are you ready? A time of great innovation is coming and the best, but most difficult thing you can do, is trust. This will be no easy task. Money systems will collapse, but new innovations will spring up just as quickly. A time of great uncertainty is coming upon us. Those who see the beauty and light in every soul will lead with their hearts and with good intentions. These leaders will rise to the top, I know it is difficult to believe. It is not what we have known. Good guys don’t win any more; we’ve gotten used to that. Besides our literal lives it is our money that we have been taught to defend. Money has been the wild-card that brings us security. Money, without it, children starve. Money, it is the root of all evil. Money, it is about to have no value. It never did. Those who protect money instead of people fight for a powerless fallen idol.  

The systems that govern the world are failing and collapsing. You have been watching. We live in a world where you can watch genocide on instagram. Scroll away if you prefer to look at fashion. Do not be weak. It is time for us to see ourselves, and see each other. It is going to be scary and uncertain. There will be no more scrolling away from the collapse of society in front of you. Can you use your energy to heal the world? Have you tried? When the hidden forces that have been ruling us from hidden places finally lose their grip on us, will you find yourself standing on top of the rubble with an equal voice in the decision-making? Will you listen to others? Will you give others a place in the world equal to your own? Will you refuse to live in a world that profits from genocide? Will you refuse to live in a world where billionaires hold all the power and horde the resources? Will you refuse to pretend that some souls have more value than others because they have more money?   

The time has come to stand in your inner authority and declare what it is you want in this world. It is time to let go of the guilty pleasure of judgment. Let go of your old sense of self. There is no competition and threat any more from others. There never was. Witness the death of the manipulation of mankind by those who have ruled from hidden places. The coming eclipse brings the collapse of old systems that have already been crumbling. Leaders of the old systems grasp at the last straws of power as the old ways swirl down the drain. Open your heart to others. Disagreement is different than judgment. Can you step forward and take a stand for truth without being angry? Can you honor every soul on earth and still stand up for truth? Can you ask questions? Most people deeply desire being heard and understood. Everybody is talking, but nobody is listening. Can you listen? The systems that indoctrinated us all are collapsing, but we have all been indoctrinated by different combinations of systems. Our conflicts are manufactured by governments that deceive us. Can you give the gift of being heard to another soul who has been indoctrinated to believe different crumbling systems than you were indoctrinated with? - as all systems topple like the tower of Babylon? The Full Solar Eclipse is coming April 8th. It’s about to get messy but also wonderful.     

In last week’s blog I ranted about the loss of employment through technology and the development of the internet, fearfully questioning the Artificial Intelligence that is inevitably coming. AI taking our jobs is mostly a problem because we depend on money as humans to provide for our basic needs. Without a society that requires money however, we could welcome AI and the changes that come with it. Capitalism and scarcity mindsets are the problem over and over. There are over 3,000 billionaires worldwide. That’s 3,000 plus people with the means to end hunger, and provide any number of essential services to humans all over the world, but they hoard their resources instead. Most don’t even try. Look outside and watch your neighbors living in tents on the sidewalk. Elon Musk has fans. People admire Jeff Bezos. For what? Valuing money over human life? For hoarding resources and planning trips to Mars without a single thought to the resources they are withholding from starving unhoused masses? How long before we collectively refuse to live this way?  

There is much more good in the world than we give ourselves credit for. Incredible innovations are about to take place. The eclipse brings huge sweeping change. Change is scary but also necessary and overdue. Change is more difficult for some than for others. It makes sense that those who cling to the old ways will support strong men who claim to be able to keep the old ways going. Those with power now will do everything they can to hang onto it. Trust that many are already working on innovations that will bring aide to the masses. We are in the calm before the storm right now. Big sweeping changes are coming like it or not. Be part of the change. Hanging on to the broken ways is not going to help you or anyone.

 What kind of world do you want to live in? What role can you play in healing this earth and these broken systems that victimized so many of us for so long? Can you be a person who makes others feel heard? Can you use your energy to heal this earth? You are being called up now to take your place. Will you lead with your heart or be limited by your pocketbook? A new system of monetization will be created that is global. Every human soul deserves dignity. A new monetization system will deliver it. The economy is already global. The longer we wait to make necessary changes, the longer people suffer.   

Do not waste your time worrying. The old systems are supposed to fall away. Spending your time worrying that Donald Trump will be president again is also a waste of your precious energy. The media tells sensational propaganda. Look around you instead. There will be no Republican candidate by July. Trump is sick, his mind in deterioration. Good riddance. Chaos follows his fall, but chaos is our opportunity to sweep greedy old men to the side and redistribute the resources of the world. Think how differently our world was in 1961 compared to 1969. Women in pillbox hats and pearls emulating Jackie  were gone eight years later in 1969: experimenting with free love, and protesting Vietnam. The changes we will be experiencing post eclipse will bring much faster, bigger change on a global scale than this example. I don’t know how to tell you to prepare for that, but I also believe we are going to be fine. We will not be fine if we continue doing what we already know doesn’t work. Spend some time grounding yourself to this earth. Tending to the spiritual needs of yourself and the humans around you will bring all the answers you need. It is time to live in a world that reflects our humanitarian values. How will you stand in your power and change the world? The opportunity to do so is right around the corner! 

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