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Auntie Svetty's Astrology & Life Advice for October 14 - 21

Last week I referred to the solar eclipse as a lunar eclipse and not a single one of you corrected me. I also told you to sit in shit and feel your feelings. Did you do that? You can get up now. You should be careful whose advice you take. Ugh. So much hand holding. Let’s move on.

Space is violent and dynamic. There are black holes and worm holes. There are explosions and storms brewing on gas giant planets that could swallow our sun without chewing it first. There are lifeless, icy, isolated rocks in the outer reaches spinning endlessly without atmospheres to support life. Despite all this you think your horoscope is going to announce when love will find you and help you out with some lucky numbers?

I’m sorry. Who are you? If each of us is the center of our individual universe then we are collectively a bunch of atoms bumping around and into each other waiting for a nuclear reaction.

The sun is transit in Libra on Oct 18th. Mercury is transit in Libra on Oct 19th. The symbol for the sun in Astrology is a dot with a circle around it. Is your dot centered in your circle or trying to break free? We have to break out of our circles to connect with others. Mercury, the planet of communication passes through Libra, a symbol for balance. We should use this time to reflect on our place in the world: the one we make for ourselves, the one we share with others... are you a centered circle in balance with the rest of the universe, or a black hole giant swallowing nations and desperately trying to break free so you can connect and lead the rest of the holes into destruction ?

Maybe you should sit back down in your shit and feel your feelings some more? The nice thing about Mercury in Libra is you won’t have a hard time finding your words.

Speaking of words... if you have some to share join us at AFRU Gallery on Friday Oct 20th for an open-mic. Other centered circles want to hear what you have to say and connect with you. The world is in turmoil. What beauty can you deliver to others through your time, your wisdom, your words? All are welcome. Check this website’s “What’s happening” section for details.

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