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Auntie Svetty's Astrology & Life Advice for October 2, 2023

Are you feeling more agitated lately? You should be. On Oct 2nd Mercury and Neptune are in exact opposition. Mercury represents the mind and Neptune is the unknown. You’re likely to be dwelling on the unknown and it’s giving you anxiety. Neptune is literally stretching your mind to it’s limit. If we lived in a society where it was easy to find time for meditation this could be great. We don’t live in that society. Wait a couple days to make any big decisions. You are unlikely to be thinking clearly during this transit. It is also no time to hang out with a frenemy. Good friends only or choose to be alone! Rest. Stop pushing yourself. Don’t waste energy.

On the 3rd Mercury is trine to Pluto. Meaningful conversation is encouraged during this transit normally, but the previous transit isn’t finished. If you’re going to obsess about something make sure it’s positive or at least neutral.

Those are all the transits this week so why are you still so tense? Mars and Pluto are forming a square that is exact on the 8th. Everyone is feeling triggered and traumatized. This energy is mounting this week. The United States is in its Pluto return and eclipse season begins on the fourteenth. It’s wise to chose your battles and nurture yourself if you can. More aggressive energy is around the corner waiting. How and if you let if affect you is entirely up to you.

Rest if you can. Think before you act. Don’t make enemies if you can avoid it. In the 17th Century scholars stopped classifying astrology as a science but it led to discoveries in geometry regardless and to the development of accurate instruments such as the astrolabe. Misinformation is abundant these days. Choose wisely what you believe in and make sure it serves you.

Much Love,

Auntie Svetty.

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