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Auntie Svetty's Astrology & Life Advice for October 8 - 14

The theme for this volatile week? Retain your humanity if you can. Mars in Libra square to Pluto in Capricorn, both at 28 degrees on Sunday Oct 8th triggers global violence and our flight or fight survival mechanisms as individuals and as groups. We are activated to see things as black or white. We are tempted to forget to reflect on sources and nuances. Repeat after me “I am not informed enough to have an opinion. I will not pop off this week.” Say it again. This time mean it. There is great wisdom in making the choice to take a pause. We are not a reflection of our wisest selves when we express our knee jerk reactions. Nothing is black and white. Everything is nuanced. Shit is terrible on your shoe, but in the garden it makes the plants grow. You cannot avoid the mess this week but you can ask yourself, “how am I holding the situation? Am I in alignment with my values?”

On the 9th, Venus in Virgo is in opposition to Saturn in Pisces, both at one degree of their sign. This overlaps the square on the 8th. Everyone’s activation is up. Fear-based violence against women and gender-nonconforming individuals is likely to occur as it has historically occurred when Mars & Venus are in these positions. It gets worse.

The sun is in opposition to Chiron on the 9th, 10th, and 11th. The awful things happening in the world are going to feel personal, but it’s important to remember that to everyone what’s happening in the world is feeling personal. If we are all going to let ourselves take everything personal and see things in black & white, us versus them, we are in trouble. The globe of all humanity is primed to act out on each other, throw blame, see a group or person outside of ourselves as being responsible for our core wounding. This simply isn’t true. Remember, we are ALL feeling this way. You don’t need an individual horoscope: the same shit is happening to all of us. We all feel bad about the world and we should. 

Not all bad feelings are bad for you. The sun opposite Chiron makes our suffering too complex to see clearly until this transit ends on the 11th. Afterwards you can see that the forest is the trees surrounding you. Ahh... we tap into more stabilizing energy on the 13th when Mars in Scorpio is trine to Saturn. We see that systems exist to help us. Diplomacy, Fairness, and Justice are the energies surrounding Libra when the new moon and sun are in a lunar eclipse on 10/14.  Challenge yourself to be present with your emotions. Sit with them. Access your emotions now. This is no time for manifesting things. No one is listening to what kind of future you’d like. Everyone and Everything is screaming for you to PAY ATTENTION NOW.

If you don’t sit with your emotions in the present how do you even know what you’re feeling? It’s time to  sit in the shit that smells so bad and fertilizes the earth and just feel the wonder of it all. That awful stuff that literally spews out your ass and stinks makes the grass grow. The planets keep spinning around and around in cycles. History keeps repeating itself because we refuse to sit in our shit and learn. This lunar eclipse it’s time to sit in your shit and learn. Do not speak. Feel your feelings.

I cannot urge you enough to repeat after me: “I will not pop off this week. I will not pop off this week. I will sit with my feelings and just feel them.“ What we put out in the world will come back to us times three. If in the interest of nothing else but self-preservation, make sure what you put out is what you want to receive times three and good luck with that. It isn’t going to be your inclination to be kind this week any more than not getting up when you’re sitting in shit is, but I’m begging you: sit in the shit. Learn something. You’re the only teacher you’re ever going to believe. The assignment is “shut up and feel your feelings. Don’t harm others and don’t give others an excuse to harm you. Do your best. It’s no easy assignment.

Auntie Svetty loves You!

See you next week on the other side of it! Eclipses affect us for six months. Do The homework. You’ll thank yourself later.

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